Ballestas Island Tour

The Ballestas Islands are a group of rocky islands located off the Pacific coast near the town of Paracas, and are famous for their abundant wildlife. They are a must-see for all wildlife lovers, as they’re home to thousands of birds and mammals, including penguins, sea lions, and pelicans. The islands are protected, meaning you cannot swim with the animals or walk on the islands themselves, but you will get very close to them by speedboat.

Day by Day

Boarding a speedboat from the town of Paracas, this 2-hour tour will take you to the spectacular Ballestas Islands that are located off the coast of Peru. You will get the opportunity to see the many caves and arches that have eroded over time, providing shelter to thousands of seabirds and sea lions, all the while admiring the amazing scenery of the Paracas peninsula along the way.

20 minutes out from the bay of Paracas we will reach El Candelabro, a large-scale geoglyph similar to those of the Nazca Lines. Here you will have a chance to take some photos, while your guide explains the different theories on who created this enigmatic figure.

From there, we will continue on for another 15 minutes until we reach the famous Ballestas Islands. The Islands are a group of massive rock formations that, due to erosion, have created eye-catching structures, arches and caves. One of those caves is known as the maternity beach for sea lions. Here you will be able to see baby sea lions splashing around with their mothers. You will also be able to observe other animals up close, like penguins, pelicans, guanaes and chiquitas. During the tour of the islands, your guide will explain about the different species seen, and you will have an opportunity to take some amazing photos from up close. After approximately 1 hour, the speed boat will depart the islands and return to the Port of Paracas.

08:00 hrs
10:00 hrs

Note: Setting foot on the Islands themselves is forbidden as it is a protected, ecological area. This tour takes place on a speed boat.

IMPORTANT: Children under 1 year old can not do the tour-

Holidays: In the following festive dates the tour will finish 30 minutes earlier.


Price: US $ per person

Entrance Tickets: All of the sites visited on this tour require the Tourist Ticket. You can purchase this ticket at your first stop for 70 soles for a one day pass, or 130 soles for the 10 day pass..

Included/Not Included


  • Boat trip
  • Life jackets
  •  Tour guide Spanish/English
  •  Tourist taxes
  •  Entrance ticket


Tip for the tour guide

what to bring

Bring a jumper or rainjacket, as the wind at sea can be cold
– Sunglasses
– Camera

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