Sandboarding In Ica

For the past 12 years, the desert oasis of Huacachina has served as the site of one of the most popular adventure tours in South America: the dune buggy and sandboarding tour. People of all ages – including kids, teenagers, and adults – all visit Huacachina and climb into a 4-wheel-drive dune buggy driven by a professional driver. We can offer this tour as a group tour with other travelers, or privately.

Day by Day

Half the tour is riding in the dune buggy, up and down the dunes at fast speeds. And the other half of the tour is a chance to try the adventure sport of “sandboarding”. This is just like snowboarding, but instead of snow you will be boarding on the fine-grained sand of the desert. If you aren’t athletically talented, no problem! Just lay on your stomach on the board, and go “sand sledding”. This is faster, lots of fun, and doesn’t require any patience or ability.

The dune buggy and sandboarding tour is an amazing thrill ride. But this is more than just a thrill ride: the gigantic sand dunes are beautiful, surreal and mesmerizing. A tour into the desert feels like an “out of this world” experience, almost like visiting the surface of another planet.

We often have visitors who want to experience the beauty of the dunes but are not looking for excitement or adrenalin. We created the SLOW AND RELAXING DUNE BUGGY TOUR. Instead of racing up and down the dunes, on this private tour we will take you on a relaxing exploration of the desert at a moderate pace. You will have multiple opportunities to take photographs. And you will be able to watch the amazing sunset over the dunes. This tour is romantic and relaxing, and you are welcome to bring your own bottle of champagne or wine and some glasses with you!


Price: US $ per person

Entrance Tickets: All of the sites visited on this tour require the Tourist Ticket. You can purchase this ticket at your first stop for 70 soles for a one day pass, or 130 soles for the 10 day pass..

Included/Not Included


  • A ride in a 4-wheel-drive dune buggy and a chance to try sandboarding on several dunes of increasing size
  • The 10 AM and 1 PM tours last for one hour. The recommended 4 PM tour lasts for two hours.
  •  Professional buggy driver with many years of experience
  •  Basic Sandboard and wax (professional boards are available for rent for an extra fee in Huacachina)


Entrance fee (3.70 soles per person)
Tips for the driver (optional)

what to bring

These items are important; bring them with you:

  • 3.70 soles per person, for the entrance fee
  • Sunglasses or goggles ( will prevent sand getting in your eyes)
  • A sweatshirt (optional, it can get chilly in the evenings)
  • Wear Tennis shoes / sneakers (not sandals)
  • Sunscreen for the 10 AM and 1 PM tours
  • Shorts are recommended, but people who bruise easily might wear jeans

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