"Inka-Q'ero Healers Doña Isabela & Don Lorenzo"
Italy-Germany Tour:March 01-26 / 2008
Seminar: "Inka Q'ero Nedicine"
"Learning How to Heal Pachamama-Mother Earth"
"Learning How to Heal Ourselves and Others"
La Sardegna Italy May 03-09/08 English & Italian
Amazon Healer - Don Alberto
Italy-Sweden.Polony-Germany Tour September 2008
Sacred Peruvian Whistling Vessels - Heve Almonacid
Pachatusan Inkary Ancestral Inka Ceremonial Music

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Inka-Q'ero Healers Doña Isabela & Don Lorenzo
Italy-Germany Tour March 01 -26 / 2008

Among the “Apus”-“sacred peaks of the Andes”, and in the middle of the pristine Amazon Jungle, there are two native nations hidden in mystery and mysticism, which are profoundly joined with the spiritual world; The Inka Q’ero and Amazonian-Huachipayri nations are the most important centers of spiritual apprenticeships, where men are born under the influence of the immense energetic force of Pachamama and because of this, they remain within her heart throughout all the marvelous time of their lives, where the Apus, the wise Puma, the sacred Condor together with the Q’ero and Huachipayri healers are participants in a long spiritual journey.

Great Wiracocha, the creator of the Universe, sent his sons Inkary and Q’ollary to search out the sacred place where they would build a city of wisdom; they appeared in Lake Titicaca and then, guided by the spirits, they traveled to Q'ero where they discovered a great natural temple: the whole area was surrounded by miraculous beauty with snowy peaks, lakes of different colors and many rivers, each with its own voice. And so the land of the Q'ero was chosen, and today this land is a major center of Andean spiritual apprenticeship, the sacred land of the "Kuraq Akulleq" - the Andean religious dignitary with the highest power and spiritual quality. For thousands of years the Andean priests, the "Altomesayoqs," have guarded the "Munaniyuq," the supernatural powers, in order to pass them on to the world and to people so that they may re-discover themselves through the simple healing of nature.

The "Pampamesayoq” of Q'ero is born and grows with the blessing of Pachamama, enjoying all the simple aspects that are part of his life, he joins faithfully and lovingly with nature and with its sacred components - the soil, the mountains, the rivers, the trees and even the very rocks; he wisely shares his world with the animals since man is not the owner of the earth but is only a part of her. The man of Q'ero manages the energetic forces and the supernatural powers of his Pachamama wisely and he has the privilege of being a chosen intermediary for the celebration of rites and ceremonies that allow man to reach out and make Offerings to Pachamama and the Apus. He can count on three powers: "Munay" - the power to cure the body and the spirit, and the ability to communicate with the Apus; "Llank'ay"- the power and firm strength to do work; and "Yachay" - wisdom and knowledge.

Pacha Natural Events and PumaPeru are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to participate in Ceremonies
and in Healing sessions with these 3 Inka-Q'ero Healers from the Sacred High Andes...

Our bodies, our families, our homes, our work, our earth, rivers, lakes and oceans are only waiting for this spiritual blessing.
Doña Isabella & Don Lorenzo, She is a magnificent Medicine Woman, since she was a child, she learned all the secrets and ways to get connectected with the healing energy of Mother Earth Pacha Mama, which allowed her to have a high positition in the healing world, her work is related to the improvement and increase of the female energies, and together with her husband Don Lorenzo, they celebrate ceremonies for the union of couples

Richard Aguayo has been pilgrimaging around the Andes and the Amazon jungle for more than 20 years, finding a hidden world full of mysteries, wisdom and ancestral ceremonies, which were exclusive done by high Andean and Amazon spiritual priests, whom mysteriously have given him long spiritual tasks, for this, he has gotten important and sacred ceremonies, which allowed him adjust easily to these new worlds; moreover he is one of the few persons who have gotten an spiritual Andean degree and name, given by the Machulas, or old wise Andean men, “ Chakaruna” “the bridge man”, as a meaning of their union and acceptance to Richard.
Richard is happily taking a project to help the Qero nation, where he has constructed clean water reservoirs, greenhouses and a school for Qero children, where ancient and traditional Inka-Qero ceremonies are re-taught.

Richard Aguayo

Richard Aguayo has invited his spiritual brothers, Don Ramon, Doña Isabela & Don Lorenzo to do an important journey to Italy in October 2006, in order to share Andean ancestral knowledge and ceremonies, which are profoundly connected with the mysteries of nature. They will also be able to do private healing sessions, for these cures these Healers will use his "C'uyas" - special stones with spiritual properties that he has inherited from his ancestors, who found them and brought them down from the most sacred mountains - the Andean Apus. .
This will be an important trip out of their nations and native Anean communities, making this an special and unique encounter, extremely rich in spiritual power.

"Something within us is asleep, and these natural ceremonies can awaken a new thirst for living in harmony with the natural elements…with the mystery with God. "
Open Public Healings-Ceremonies
Doña Isabela & Don Lorenzo will lead healing ceremonies and offering to Mother Earth, where all participants will share ancients Andean Prayers, Songs and even Purification Dances, bring along a small natural offering, which can be burned together with the offering to “Pachamama”. Also bring photos or articles of family and friends to be blessed, in order to send them strength and healing.
Duration: 3 hours/Open Public Ceremonies

Don Ramon - Leading the Healing Offering to Mother Earth
Private Healing Ceremonies
Imperceptibles loss of energy occurs in our daily life, many technological changes interrupt our natural connection with “Pachamama” and other important natural sources of energy. Don Ramon will help people to reconnect with themselves and with… the “Kausay Pacha” (Sacred Place of Birth) .. for this he will use his sacred leaves and his “Kh’uyas” (Ancient Stones, which he inherited from his ancestors)
Duration: 2 Hours Approx. / Limited to 5 Participants per session

"Don Ramon" Inka-Q'ero Healer
Journey to Italy-Germany-Polony-Sweden April 15-30 / 2008

Don Ramon in Machupicchu
Don Ramon Paqsi, a "Q'ero-Pampamesayuq", who is part of a selected group of Ancients, with a great wisdom of Ancestral Andean Mysteries, an expert "knower" of the profound secrets of Pachamama, for whom he carries out exclusive ceremonies - "Offerings" - which help us to balance our energies and so have a better harmony with nature. The daily pattern of our lives wears us down and separates us from Pachamama; many technological changes interrupt our natural connection with her. An Offering Ceremony to Pachamama will allow us to re-connect with her and the Apus;
Our bodies, our families, our homes, our work, our earth, rivers, lakes and oceans are only waiting for this spiritual blessing.

Don Ramon & His Ceremonial Mesa


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Amazon Healer - Don Alberto
Sacred Peruvian Whistling Vessels - Heve Almonacid
Italy-Sweden-Polony-Germany Tour September 2008

Amazon Healer - Maestro Ayahuasquero Don Alberto

Don Alberto - Healing Water Ceremony
The Q’ero river runs through all the sacred Andean mountains and gets to the jungle full of boundless energy, there, in this first part of the jungle there is one of the most mysterious Amazonian nation “The Huachipayris”, since many years ago, one of its most acknowledged sons.. “Don Alberto Manqueriapa” has been walking deep in the Amazon jungle, long journeys that has allowed him integrate to the spirits of nature, who permitted him recollect the most powerful medicinal plants, and those which gives a high knowledge; Don Alberto was initiated in the hard but generous healing world since he was child, as a son and descendant of a Huachipayri and a Machiguenga, he inherited all the healing and ceremonial secrets from these 2 mystical Amazonian nations. Don Alberto held a high position in his nation, Spiritual leader and vigil of the jungle, fulfilling long journeys in the heart of the Amazon, where the voices of the spirits of birds, animals, trees, plants, rivers and lakes have shared with him the secrets of the healing energy of nature, consecrating as one of the best healers of the Amazon jungle.

Sacred Peruvian Whistling Vessels
(Shared by a Real Peruvian Musician-Healer)

For thousands of years Peru has kept the secret of sacred methods to rise through different spiritual levels. A select group of Healers has used Sacred Whistling Vessels to connect with the energy of different spirits, such as Pachamama - Mother Earth, the Apus (Sacred Mountain Peaks)andespecially theAmaut'as(Teachers).

Hebe Almonacid a musician from Cusco, the Inka Capital has spent 30 years seeking, investigating, collecting and using ceremonial-curative instruments, both Inka & pre-Inka; sharing his life with healers from the Andes and the Amazon, learning the ancient wisdom of celebrating extraordinary sessions for healing, cleansing and enhancing the energies of our bodies, mentalphysical- emotional-spiritual and sexual, that are brought into balance through the sounds of these Sacred Whistling Vessels as well as the music of flutes made from the bones of Sacred Animals such as the Condor

. Through Sacred Public Ceremonies and Private Group Healing Sessions Hebe can share these ancient secrets. The participants will work directly on their own healing by playing the whistles. Many of these ancient whistles could be museum pieces, but are still used as they once were - not just as musical instruments, but as simple, but sacred, forms of spiritual connection

. Proudly presented by Richard Aguayo who has dedicated the last 25 years of his life to healing and beautifying Pachamama-Mother Earth through extraordinary natural events, and sharing the sacred ancestral knowledge of Peru with the rest of the world.

The Sacred Whistling Vessels

Through Sacred Public Ceremonies and Private Group Healing Sessions Hebe can share these ancient secrets. The participants will work directly on their own healing by playing the whistles ( many of these are museum pieces) but are still used as they once were - not just as musical instruments, but as simple, but sacred, forms of spiritual connection.

Public Ceremonies Private Healing Sessions

Duration: 2 hours Aprox.

Limited to 5 participants per session

Something within us is asleep, and these natural ceremonies can awaken a new thirst for living in harmony with
the natural elements...with the mystery with God.

Public Ceremonies Healing Sessions
Duration: 2 HoursApprox.
Duration: 2 HoursApprox.
Limited to 5 Participants per group

Information for Organizers )

Public Ceremonies

We begin our introduction to these sacred instruments with different teachings, stories and traditions which are still part of the daily lives of the Andean people. Then Hebe will share information from his 30 years of study, search, and collection of these sacred instruments which come from various pre-Colombian cultures such as Inka, Moche, Chimu, Nazca and Chancay. Then we will explore the ceremonial uses of each instrument.  As Hebe plays the instruments, the participants can feel how their spirits are able to touch new and extraordinary levels of wisdom, peace and harmony.


Time: 2 Hours Approx.

Location, space and arrangements,  same as for the sessions with Don Ramon

Suggested starting time – 6 or 7 PM, any day of the week

Price $ 30 Per Person

Private Healing Sessions

- 5 participants per session – it is not necessary that they know one another

-The participants will be together in a private room and will form a circle. (if possible the room should be dimly lit, with curtains to cut out the daylight)

Hebe will begin with an introduction and an explanation of each whistle, showing that it has the form and sound of a sacred animal. Then he will explain how simple and easy it is to play the whistles ( the participants do not need any previous musical experience). Then Hebe will play a whistle to help each person enter into a connection with the instruments and then each participant will play in turn to personalize the tone of the Whistle to one of his energy bodies, be it mental-physical-emotional-spiritual or sexual.  Then all will play together, under ebe's Hebe's direction, creating a chain of sounds and low tones. Little by little the sound will grow and we will discover a path to higher spiritual levels where it is possible to cure, cleanse and improve the energy of each one of our 5 bodies – then we will  concentrate the sacred energies, attracting  to us the teachings of the Ancient Masters - the Amaut'as  through the sound of the Whistles. 

Each person will play a whistle again, but this time one participant will enter into the center of the circle, to receive the helpful energy of the others – this is a kind of “Ayni” - a form of communal aid where everyone takes turns helping one to each other.

At the end of the session all participants will feel like brothers-sisters united by the sound of Pachamama and nature, simple but magical.

Duration - approximately 2 hours

Pachatusan Inkary
Ancestral Inka Ceremonial Music
Italy Tour Octuber 20 - Novenber 20 - 2007

Musicians-Healers from Cusco-Peru with great pride presents their labor of investigation, compilation and composition of ancestral Inka and Pre-Inka music, Their original basis was in the collection-reconstruction of sacred instruments and music, carefully selecting-using the materials provided by our mother nature, allowing them to come closer to that which long ago was the real ceremonial Inka music. They have also been able to compile 90 themes, full of ceremonial sentiment and spiritual joy, which they play in special ritual performances; it seems that each instrument has its own voice, pure and eternal, and this is a source of delight to each of us.

With these music they express their love for life and for peace; they sing to life just as a newborn baby cries, to eternity with the voice of one recently dead, and they sing to our sacred bodies and souls using sweet melodies which are like the water springing from the high Andes or "Apus", which gives life and healing at one and the same time.
Unique-Exclusive Ceremonial Presentations & Healing Session

Conferences, Workshops, Offering-Ceremonies, and Healings may be held indoors or outside, in homes, offices or just in an open field, with the tranquility and quiet that the ceremony requires.
(Richard will be in California, Oregon and Washington State from the third week of February to the second week of March to do all the coordination and arrangements for the visit of these two important healers… He will be really happy to meet you and give you all the posters and flyers to promote these Natural Events, you can get in touch with him through pumaperu@pumaperu.org / urpichay@urpichay.com)
(We know how important is your help and your work to promote these ceremonies and healings and we will be very happy to share with the organizers part of the incomes.)